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Top Ten Major Problems Facing Pakistan Today

Islamic state of Pakistan most commonly known by many of us as Pakistan is an Islamic affirmed which toot independence from the British rulers on the basis of two-nation theory. People of Pakistan are greater part Muslims. Pakistan from the start of independence is in front of problems and has gone under a multiplicity of crisis. These problems could be solved easily but the lack of concentration from the rulers had made the problems to reach that point where besides eliminate the evils these problems are increasing and growing.
1: Poverty:
Poverty is said to be the second biggest difficulty being faced by Pakistan. People of Pakistan are too much poor in every attribute of their life. It is said that there exists two course in Pakistan, one is high class and the other is lower class, the idea of center class is eliminating day by day in the Pakistani civilization. People do not have any set jobs, have no money from the administration, no basis of income etc.
2:Education Problems:
Educational division of Pakistan is also in problems at this time a days. There is no exact or well urban education map in Pakistan. People who are in rural areas suffers the most with the educational problems. While people living in the urban areas enjoy a full soft tissue type of education.There is a great distinction in government schools and private schools in Pakistan. This learning problems causes being without a job and low literacy speed of the county.        
Unemployment is also a increasing problem eating up the family of Pakistan. redundancy in Pakistan is due to the high rate of corruption. This results in admirable people get no job and stay put jobless. The problem of job loss leads people to fall in multiplicity of problems which includes gloominess and towering rates of suicide.
4: Investment issues:
The financial situation of Pakistan are so cause danger to that this calls for many investors not to spend. People of Pakistan even are not paying attention in investing in their own native soil. We have seen preponderance of people who go exterior the country to spend and improve their business.
5:Energy Crisis:
Third extremely harsh problem which is causing problem to the Pakistan is the problem of power disaster I.e. electricity. People of Pakistan are like in a state of affairs of living in a mineral age. In the time of summers there is conceal and seek of electricity.. Besides this problem there is no exchange agreed to this problem that could be astral energy or some other foundation. This be deficient in of energy wealth invites abundant evils with itself.
6: Terrorism:              
Terrorism is the difficulty which is eating up Pakistan's picture like a wood eater. High rate of violence is causing negative affects to the admiration and wealth of Pakistan. Pakistan is being under assault of terrorism to its high rate.. This problem is rising day by day and the government is responsibility nothing just construction teams and responsibility exploration, with no outcome.
7: Water:
Water evils are also seen among the increasing problems of Pakistan. Pakistan has its 2 rivers coming from India and when the water of one stream is stopped up by India, Pakistan faces water lack. Moreover Pakistan faces water problems when the glaciers melts and the water causes devastation in the forms of downpour
8:Drug Usage:
It is seen from the last 10 years that the practice of drugs has augmented quite very much. People in exacting youth of Pakistan in seen in this trouble in a great majority. This is because either the company of the boys is not good or the government is giving no proper events to control these problems. Youth where is a clean start of a country that could lead towards success, in Pakistan that childhood is on another side of harming itself.
9: Health Problems:
Health surroundings of Pakistan are not so very good. The conditions of direction hospitals are so bad that if a person goes there to get rid of medical evils and will return with variety of many new illnesses. Pakistan lack care of people that’s the reason every year there are greater than before number of dengue, HIV, hepatitis etc.
10: Refugees:
Pakistan faces a enormous amount of refugees from Afghanistan yearly. These refugees give no ache to the people of Pakistan but only causes problems for the administration or the administration of that area. There comes a immense effort in arranging these refuges.


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